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22 Style Trends From 1994 We're Totally Stealing In 2014

Coming to an Urban Outfitters near you...

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1. The One-Strap Overall

As modeled by a fresh-faced, chain-smoking 20-year-old Kate Moss. Worn with a bandeau top underneath, or if you're feeling really saucy (or crazy), nothing at all.

9. Babydoll Tees

In the '90s, every cool girl wanted an shrunken babydoll tee from the X-Girl line. They actually fit us (unlike the typical boy-fit shirt). Also, Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon made them. Kim Gordon!

12. Chokers

Natalie Portman wore one in "The Professional" and made it look amazing, and we're pretty sure girls were legally required to wear them to prom and Homecoming or something.

16. Layering, Layering, Layering!

Only wearing a dress? Throw a vest and a flannel over it. Wait, you're not done. You need a sweater and a crazy pair of tights. Okay, now you're ready.

18. Fluevogs

John Fluevog designed shoes with the highest platform and the most extreme heels, to be worn almost exclusively by sexy space aliens and Deee-Lite's Lady Miss Kier. Bless him.

22. The Versace Safety Pin Dress

Liz Hurley wore it to the 1994 premiere of "Four Weddings and A Funeral" with then-boyfriend Hugh Grant. And, oh wait, Gaga already brought it back.

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