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    22 Insanely Simple Ways To Organize Your Whole Life

    Clutter, have you met the shoe organizer?

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    You're probably familiar with the hanging shoe organizer. You can buy one at IKEA for $4.99


    But did you know it's basically the most versatile organizational tool on the planet?!

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    1. FOR EXAMPLE ...

    2. You love snacks. Store them like a boss.

    3. Same goes for sauce packs, and everything else.

    4. If you've run out of kitchen drawer or counter space, throw one of these babies on the back of your door and store all your necessary kitchen utensils here.

    5. Color coordinate and store all your sewing goodies.

    6. Keep your nail polishes neat.

    7. Are you a makeup hoarder? Show off your stash.

    8. Hang a shoe organizer inside your shower for extra soapy-time storage.

    9. Keep all your precious cleaning products in order.

    10. Who needs a medicine cabinet when you've got a shoe organizer and the back of a door?

    Store medications up high out of kids' reach.

    11. If you don't have a lot of space, you can cut a shoe organizer in half, hang it with command adhesive hooks and sharpie on labels.!small-bathroom-organize/c1d9z

    12. Keep your unmentionables color-coded and easily available.

    13. Always losing your mittens or knit hats? Use a shoe organizer so you'll always know where they are.

    Jane Dawson / Via

    14. You can even store your tank tops in 'em.

    Simply roll the tightly and pop 'em in the individual pockets.

    15. Use one for all your art supplies.

    16. Keep every Barbie in her place.

    17. And every precious stuffed animal from getting lost.

    18. Are you a teacher? Keep all your school supplies neat and tidy.

    Even if you're not? Won't your junk drawer work better this way?

    19. Drowning in baby blankets and bibs? Here's an easy fix.

    20. Reorganize all your jewelry in clear shoe organizers. If you're feeling really fancy, stick the whole thing in a frame and mount it on the wall!

    Find out how to do it here.

    21. Got an array of extra wires and cables lying around in a heap? Label each pouch and keep them neat and tidy.

    22. And finally — and most prettily — shoe organizers make perfect planters.

    Especially when you don't have much room!