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    22 Super Annoying Things Every Woman Has To Deal With

    Dis tew much.

    1. This cruelty.

    2. And this bullshit move.

    3. This trauma.

    4. And this frightful travesty.

    5. This friggin' annoyance.

    6. Especially when it's paired with this frustration.

    When you spend hours straightening your hair but then it rains

    7. This devil's work.

    8. Along with this serious pain.

    9. This gross injustice.

    10. And this ~emotional~ roller coaster.

    when you're sad but you still gotta look good no matter what

    11. This cruelty.

    12. And this straight up nightmare.

    13. This pain.

    14. KnowwhaImsaying?

    15. And this fucking hell.

    16. This abomination.

    17. This Sophie's choice.

    18. And just eating with freshly painted nails in general.

    19. This daily struggle.

    20. And this awful reality.

    21. This cruelty.

    when you get non stop emails from makeup companies with hella coupons but u have $30 in ur bank acc

    22. And nobody understands.

    Except for every other woman who knows exactly what you're going through.