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21 Style Rules That'll Help Any Guy Look Taller

Because height ain't nothin' but a number.

1. The easiest way to gain an inch? Stand up straight!

2. Go for a skinnier tie.

3. Dress monochromatically.

4. But skip the Man In Black look.

5. When buying a suit, consider these factors.

6. Invest in tailoring.

This is a no-brainer, but tailoring can seriously transform a good outfit into a great outfit. When it comes to fooling the eye and transforming your silhouette, taking things in to make them fit your body is what will have the biggest impact. Yes, it can cost you, but it can make a huge difference between looking a bit sloppy and lazy to seeming totally put together and on top of it.

7. Keep your shirts shorter.

8. And your hair, too.

SUPPOSEDLY short hair helps elongate your neck and chin. Here's a side by side of Jason Schwartzman (5'6") with long hair and short. What do you think?

9. Horizontal stripes are your frenemy.

10. Go for a "no break" look in your pants.

11. Keep the waist button on your jacket above your navel.

12. Keep all of your cool-ass accessories and fun flare on the top half of your outfit.

That'll draw the eye to the upper part of your body, creating the illusion of more height. It's like, EYES UP HERE, LADIES AND GENTS, EYES UP HERE!

13. Avoid vests.

14. Also belts.

15. But do wear V-necks.

These dapper gents are all sporting cool as hell v-necks, which elongate the neck and give the illusion of length. The deeper the V, the better, but don't go crazy.

16. Wear your pants at your waist.

17. Short and stout? Go for a no-vent jacket.

18. Leave less sleeve room.

19. No cuffs are the best cuffs.

20. Skip short-sleeve shirts and instead roll up long-sleeves.

21. Or, you know what? Fuck it, and embrace the height you have.

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