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    21 Halloween Makeup Before-And-Afters That'll Blow Your Mind


    1. This horrific green goblin.

    2. This scary as hell smiley face.

    3. This woman, who's all mixed up.

    4. And this lady, who's missing half her face.

    5. This pretty, who seems to have suffered some awful attack.

    6. And this woman, who's not working with a lot, either.

    7. This terrifying Ouija board.

    8. And this creeptastic skeleton babe.

    9. This poorly sewn kewpie doll.

    10. And this frightening evil Joker.

    11. This bloody AF zombie bride.

    12. This devilish-looking Cheshire cat.

    13. This awful illusion.

    14. This pop art horror show.

    15. This totally feral werewolf.

    16. This terrifying black-eyed alien.

    17. This super scary sketch.

    18. This truly toothy face.

    19. This terrifying spider woman.

    20. This zombie mom.

    21. And this gory, tooth-filled face.