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    21 Men's Makeovers That'll Make You Say OMG

    What a difference a friggin' haircut makes.

    1. This blonde beauty.

    2. This weed wonder.

    3. This short-haired hottie.

    4. This formerly hirsute guy.

    5. This fine gentleman who lost his length.

    6. This beardy bro.

    7. This guy who went from hairy to handsome.

    8. This bold fellow.

    9. This lock-less lovely.

    10. This man, who cut off his quite envious locks.

    11. This guy, who literally looks like a different person.

    12. This total gamechanger.

    This guy, who's basically hot with any hair.

    13. And this guy, who looks fresh AF.

    14. This man, who seems almost RELIEVED he got rid of all that hair.

    15. This guy, who really cleaned up his act.

    16. And this dude, whose new lewk is 🔥🔥🔥

    17. This man, who tamed his wild mane.

    18. And this fine-haired fellow.

    19. This guy, who is keeping it 💯

    20. This newly coiffed cutie.

    21. And this wavy-haired wonder.