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21 Gorgeous Women Whose Shaved Heads Will Give You Life

Get your Furiosa on.

1. Let's consider for a moment the wondrousness of women with buzz cuts.

2. Like this girl, who looks effortlessly cool.

3. And this cute girl, who's charming AF.

4. This woman, who's serving minty freshness.

5. This pretty lady, who's giving off total rockstar vibes.

6. And this woman, whose buzz cut highlights her beautiful lip ring.

7. This lovely lady, whose dimples are delightful.

8. And this badass, whose Medusa piercing is on point.

9. This cutie, who radiates sweetness.

10. And this woman, whose buzz cut offsets her fierce attitude.

11. This gorgeous girl, who's rocking the most amazing eyeshadow.

12. And this stunning woman, who's pulling off a look others can only dream of.

13. This fantastic woman, whose giving good face.

14. And this beautiful lady, who's got excellent eyeliner game.

15. This radiant lady, who's got the perfect red lipstick.

16. This stunner, who's practically glowing she's so pretty.

17. And this gorgeous lady, who's eyebrows are definitely on fleek.

18. This super babe that's totally upstaging that flower.

19. This beautiful badass that could probably kill you with one glance.

20. This sweet woman, who's clearly the life of the party.

21. And this total babe, who knows exactly who she is.