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21 Beards That Know The True Meaning Of Christmas

Have a hairy merry Christmas.

1. Sometimes a guy just wants to lean in to the holiday cheer.

2. Feel some ~festive emotions.~

3. And, you know, stick some balls in his beard.

6. Other times, a less-is-more approach is the only one that will do.

7. For some, it's all about cute lil' bows.

9. Like an avalanche of cuteness ready to suffocate your face in merriment.

10. And bright, blinding beard lights.

11. The holidays come but once a year, after all.

12. Why not really do it up with some ironic mustachioed Xmas ornaments?


13. Sure, go wild — like, insanely, irrevocably wild — with the tinsel.

It's merry.

14. Yeah, small ornaments are great, but big ornaments, well, they're just metaphorically so much better.

15. And icicle lights really make a statement.

That statement is "my beard is cold as ice."

16. Beards, like most things, are better with a bow on 'em.

18. So this holiday, please take a minute to appreciate the glorious facial hair in your life.

20. And say thanks to the facial hairs that mean the most to you.

21. Because BEARDS are the reasons for the season.
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