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    19 Pictures That Prove That Men's Clothing Is The Absolute Fucking Worst

    What in tarnation?

    1. Men's clothes: Sometimes you gotta ask yourself WHYYYYY?

    2. Whose body was this designed for?

    What horrid mistake happened when they measured for this jacket (and yes, it's available in two colorways).

    3. What man was in mind when some designer said, "yes, yes, let's make a shirt that looks like tin foil"?

    4. And every grown man wants a sweater that doubles as a throw blanket, right?

    5. Apparently, yes.

    6. In fact, clothing stores have gotten so good at anticipating men's needs that they've even started selling MAN BUNS. Can you believe this lovely model's hair ISN'T REAL?

    7. Pls explain these pre-ripped sweatpants to me. P.S., they cost $50.

    8. And while you're at it, can we talk about what in the name of all that is good in this world would possess someone to buy "Reclaimed Vintage PE Shorts"?

    9. Or these jeans that look as though they've been through A WAR.

    10. Maybe you'd like a t-shirt that reveals not just a bit of chest hair, but your nipples, too.

    11. Or a $58 shirt that looks as though it's been decomposing in a Dumpster for like, a decade.

    12. Perhaps you're prone to really bad decisions, in which case, this is a faux dashiki, aka a FAUXSHIKI. AKA NOPE.

    13. Men are always being sold Bad Ideas. For example, Urban Outfitters made a Kent State University sweatshirt that looked like it had blood stains on it.

    14. Or this rapey AF shirt.

    15. Men are also always being told that the things they buy have to have special Man Names. Case in point: MEGGINGS, which are literally just LEGGINGS but for men.

    16. Men's pants options are very confusing sometimes, let's be honest. These pants? Why so long? WHY? Is that what retailers think men's legs are supposed to look like?

    17. There is literally no limit to the horrorshow that is men's pants.

    18. Case in point: You guys, these are pleated jeans. JEANS. Work through your feelings, it's fine.

    19. And we haven't even touched on accessories. Someone's trying to sell guys on a damn FAKE TATTOO SLEEVE. Please don't do this.

    But! At least men don't have to deal with THIS fuckery. This is literally just a giant bow you're supposed to wear to be "sexily unwrapped." And yes, it is out of stock.