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    19 Times 2007 Taylor Swift Was The Only Taylor Swift We Needed

    Maybe the old Taylor CAN come to the phone.

    1. OK guys, story time:

    2. One stormy spring day in 2007, I was at an Apple Store in Soho, waiting for my iPod to get fixed or something.

    3. This Apple store had a little upstairs theater area and while I waited for my Genius technician to fix my iPod (v. important at the time), I wandered over to listen to this singer.

    4. She was singing solo with just an acoustic guitar to about three people.

    5. And that singer was, my friends, Kellie Pickler.

    6. JUST KIDDING! It was Taylor Swift. But I do wonder if they're still friends now, you know?

    7. Anyway, TayTay did a lot of soulful, twangy, acoustic guitar playing back in '07.

    8. She also did a lot of boot wearin'.

    9. And hair curlin'.

    10. She wore a lot of fancy satin, sparkle dresses.

    11. Like, sequins were her JAMMMM.

    12. Back in '07, she was still perfecting her surprised face.

    13. You know, with Dave Grohl.

    14. So much surprised face!

    15. Look at her posing with a giant Grammy.

    16. And presenting a Grammy with rapper Fabolous.

    17. And doing the fish pout-peace sign combo.

    18. And toting around a sparkly guitar.

    19. All in all, '07 Old Taylor Swift was pretttttty, pretttttty cool, no?