19 Passive-Aggressive Notes That Should Be In The Passive-Aggressive Hall Of Fame

    Let the petty wash over you like a cool rainstorm.

    1. First off, any note that references "your mother" is obviously gonna be good.

    2. Crimes against mugs.

    3. And cheese-eating.

    4. This printer note.

    5. This mug exchange.

    6. This kitchen dishwasher message.

    7. This coffee critique.

    8. This ~congratulatory~ fridge note.

    9. This battle.

    11. These contradictory messages.

    12. This note, which delicately explains the difference between a sink and a disposal.

    13. This Smiths-themed reminder.

    14. Honestly, it probably took longer to write this note than it would have taken to clean that bowl.

    15. This warning to tissue hoarders.

    16. This menacing warning.

    17. This sandwich-related violation.

    18. This ~secret message~.

    19. And finally, this passive aggressive note ... about there not being any passive aggressive notes.