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19 Passive-Aggressive Notes That Should Be In The Passive-Aggressive Hall Of Fame

Let the petty wash over you like a cool rainstorm.

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1. First off, any note that references "your mother" is obviously gonna be good.

Instagram: @megan_kathryn_dunn

8. This ~congratulatory~ fridge note.

Instagram: @thats_atroshus

11. These contradictory messages.

Instagram: @neilhalper

12. This note, which delicately explains the difference between a sink and a disposal.

Instagram: @ddotrock

14. Honestly, it probably took longer to write this note than it would have taken to clean that bowl.

Instagram: @quiet_interlude

15. This warning to tissue hoarders.

Instagram: @keithimus

17. This sandwich-related violation.

Instagram: @atwa_au

19. And finally, this passive aggressive note ... about there not being any passive aggressive notes.

Instagram: @desiredart