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    19 Hair Color Transformations That'll Have You Calling Your Hair Salon

    Color chameleons!

    1. Take a look at this flawless transition from bland blonde to brilliant pink.

    @matrixnordic / Via

    2. Set your sights on this rose-gold wonder.

    @lorealpro / Via

    3. Check out this blonde bombshell.

    @liketheriversalon / Via

    4. And this gorgeously bright redhead.

    @kisscolors / Via

    5. Have you ever seen such mesmerizing pink waves?

    @matrixnoric / Via

    6. What beautifully dusty shades of gray.

    @matrixnordic / Via

    7. How fine is this fuchsia?

    @matrix / Via

    8. And an amazing auburn.

    @matrix / Via

    9. Isn't this the perfect ash blonde?

    @tianatrotz / Via

    10. This is just the softest brunette.

    @beckym_hair / Via

    11. Gaze upon this golden brown.

    @lorealpronordic / Via

    12. And these subtle, buttery highlights.

    @hairbygilli / Via

    13. Is this not mermaid hair? (It is, it certainly is).

    @my_heavenlyhair / Via

    14. What incredible amber waves.

    @hair_by_tiia / Via

    15. What ferocious emerald beauty.

    @savvysav_leigh / Via

    16. This plush pink really plays up her freckles.

    @samkanehair / Via

    17. This woman's gotta be a snow princess, right?

    @studioblerta / Via

    18. This smoky rose tint is just too enchanting.

    http://@julie.frazee / Via

    19. And finally, this bold blue is a beautiful sight to behold.

    @tredora_salon_dayspa / Via

    Now go forth and dye happy!