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    19 Hair Color Transformations That'll Have You Calling Your Hair Salon

    Color chameleons!

    1. Take a look at this flawless transition from bland blonde to brilliant pink.

    2. Set your sights on this rose-gold wonder.

    3. Check out this blonde bombshell.

    4. And this gorgeously bright redhead.

    5. Have you ever seen such mesmerizing pink waves?

    6. What beautifully dusty shades of gray.

    7. How fine is this fuchsia?

    8. And an amazing auburn.

    9. Isn't this the perfect ash blonde?

    10. This is just the softest brunette.

    11. Gaze upon this golden brown.

    12. And these subtle, buttery highlights.

    13. Is this not mermaid hair? (It is, it certainly is).

    14. What incredible amber waves.

    15. What ferocious emerald beauty.

    16. This plush pink really plays up her freckles.

    17. This woman's gotta be a snow princess, right?

    18. This smoky rose tint is just too enchanting.

    19. And finally, this bold blue is a beautiful sight to behold.

    Now go forth and dye happy!