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    19 Extravagant Gifts You Totally Deserve This Year

    Put these baller presents on your wish list to Santa.

    You have been SO GOOD this year, which means it's time to TREAT YO' SELF.


    DISCLAIMER: A lot of the gifts on this list are pretty expensive, but it's always FUN TO DREAAAAAAAAAAAAM.

    1. The Impossible Project Camera

    Polaroid, $408.99

    Because you: Shared your dessert with your BFF that one time.

    2. Violet Grey Luxe Melrose Place Set

    Violet Grey, $275

    Because you: Went to yoga, like, at least three times this month.

    3. CJW Chocolate Fudge Mini Cake Scarf

    CJW Scarves, $175

    Because you: Didn't murder the person who cut in front of you in line at the grocery store.

    Axel Arigato, $195

    Because you: Fed your neighbor's cat when she went on vacay.

    5. Fragments Miniaudiere silver bag

    Blacksea, $1,495

    Because you: Patiently taught your little sister all the choreography to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" vid.

    6. Pryma Headphones

    Pryma, $499

    Because you: Finally did your taxes on your own, proving you're not a total garbage person.

    7. Slow Factory Phytoplankton Bloom Silk Scarf

    Slow Factory, $140

    Because you: Finally wrote all those fucking thank you cards.

    8. Mint & Rose Milo Negro Bag

    Mint & Rose, $199

    Because you: Baked cookies for that annoying vegan friend.

    9. Opening Ceremony Misha Wallet

    Nordstrom, $164.98

    Because you: Covered for your hungover coworker last week.

    10. Modern Citizen Metallic Bud Vase

    Modern Citizen, $35

    Because you: Managed to keep your spider plant alive.

    11. Ringly Bluetooth Into the Woods Emerald Smart Ring

    Ringly, $260

    Because you: Rescued a kitten from a tree. Okay, it was actually a stuffed animal, but you thought it was a kitten, so whatevs.

    12. Reclaimed Wood Breakfast Tray and Serving Platter Board

    Tyler Kingston Wood Co., $38

    Because you: Let your coworker claim the last bagel.

    13. Copper Blue Ceramic Nesting Bowls

    Element Clay Studio, $199

    Because you: Made through the awk ~politics~ conversation at Thanksgiving.

    14. Heidi Merrick Monogrammed Pajamas

    Heidi Merrick, $350

    Because you: Let your partner steal all the covers.

    J. Crew, $265

    Because you: Finally returned all your library books.

    16. Furla Crossbody Mini Bag

    Furla crossbody mini bag, $302.40

    Because you: Did your roommate's dishes without even asking.

    17. Bottega Profumeria Poianthes Fragrance

    Shoptiques, $165

    Because you: Asked for that raise like a boosssssss.

    18. Maison Kitsuné Evening Bag

    Maison Kitsuné, $371

    Because you: Did the smart thing and deleted your ex's phone number.

    19. Want Les Essentials Madeline Gloves

    Want Les Essentials, $275

    Because you: Didn't get angry when your mom asked you for the 15th million time if you were dating anyone new.

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