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18 Times Christmas Cookies Failed So Hard They Won

"Tis the season(ing).

1. This set of Xmas ... sweaters?

http://@bekah.loren / Via

2. This disfigured Rudolph pop.

@cosmobuzzy12 / Via

3. And this whole lotta nope.


4. These marble sugar...somethings.


5. These poor snowmen.

@okcmomsblog / Via

6. This structurally unsound gingerbread house.

@jubalsgirl / Via

7. And this barely-there shack.

@isabamgram / Via

8. These ginger blobs.


9. And this clearly roughed up snowman.

@asampy / Via

10. And poorly formed gingerbread ~mittens~.


11. These harbingers of doom.

@s_mai_li / Via

12. And this seriously shellacked gingerbread giant.

@tessabeijer / Via

13. This candy cane monstrosity.

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14. This sad sugar cookie.

15. This disgruntled gingerbread gentleman.

@littlemisslatina / Via

16. These sad, melty marshmallow disasters.


17. Whatever went very wrong here.

http://@bubz.rugz / Via

18. And finally, these festive baked blobs.

@mrscioffi / Via