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18 Reasons Why You Don't Ever Need To Wear Sunscreen

SP-why-the-F even bother?

1. A lot of people will say sunscreen is important...

2. That SPF is a lifesaver...

3. That it'll keep your skin from turning the same shade as a cherry popsicle...

4. And protect you from skin cancer or whatever.

5. But honestly? What do those people know?

6. Reapplying sunscreen is SUCH A DRAG.

7. Sunscreen is just sooooo sticky.

8. And anyway, sunburn is just a stop on the journey to a beautiful tan.

9. It's not like there are actual ~consequences~ for too much sun.

10. I mean, skin cancer doesn't REALLY ever happen, right?

11. Basal cell carcinoma? Nah.

12. It's totally worth the risk.

13. And anyway, who even CARES about melanoma when you could be getting a super beautiful tan?

"These 2 pics were actually 5 years ago and 1 year ago. This is my Melanoma PSA for the day/year. I was diagnosed w/ Stage 2 (just barely) melanoma 5 years ago today 5/24/12. The pic on the left was the day after my surgery on 6/12/12. The pic on the right was 5/24/16. The width of the mole was probably about the size of a pencil eraser. It was 'ugly'. Please please please, practice safe sun (avoid the sun , wear hats, use sunblock correctly, etc) and go to the dermatologist regularly. It is literally the easiest cancer to prevent. And also to treat when it is caught early! Melanoma does spread and WILL kill you, if not treated. It is not 'just skin cancer'. I was SO lucky in that I had surgery (under general anesthesia) and that was my treatment. More advanced Melanoma patients undergo chemotherapy or similar treatments, as well as surgery, and hope and pray for survival."

14. Plus, sunburn isn't even painful.

15. Your feet? They're fine.

16. Your back? It's TOTALLY OK.

17. So don't even worry about that burn.

18. I mean, it's not like one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, or 90 percent of all non-melanoma skin cancer cases are linked to sun exposure or anything.*

*Except they totally are.