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18 Hot Dudes That Proved 2016 Was The Year Of Thirst

Let's hear it for the boys.

1. Listen up! First up, we have hot guy Phil Duncan, who's Living The Dream by traveling the world eating pizza everywhere and somehow still managing to keep his six-pack intact.

2. Flying to Singapore? Say hello to Lee Minwei, a hot-as-hell security guard at Changi Airport there.

The handsome AF guy became quite the sensaaaation after the security agency he works for shared a photo of him on its Twitter.

3. Never 4get dear Ethan, a man who decided to run shirtless in the middle of a tropical storm in Chicago.


4. This gorgeous Pakastani tea seller in Islamabad who got errrybody wanting chai for days.

His name is Arshad Khan and after his photo went viral he was offered a modeling contract.

5. And praises to Canadian model and actor Travis Deslaurier, who loves his cat Jacob so much that he got a tattoo of him — and works out with him on the regular.

This is great workout inspo, TBH.

6. Behold the beauty that is naval officer Lasse Matberg, a 6'6" hunk of Norwegian man who got a lot of people on Twitter all HOT AND BOTHERED.

7. MMA fighter Shane Kirkwood, who is #daddygoals and daddy goals!

8. Pita Taufatofua: the hot, oiled, and chiseled flag bearer for the Tongan Olympic team.

9. Zachary Howell, who lit the wizarding world on fire with his magical Harry Potter-themed boudoir shoot.

10. The lovely Dutch construction worker Nicky Libert, who got a modeling contract after his photo went viral.

11. Young Tim Kaine, who ignited thirst on the campaign trail.

12. Sexy Santa Paul Mason, who has people on the "naughty" list thirsting from Mexico to Canada.

13. Young Joe Biden, vice president of hotness.

14. Veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin, whose love of animals just takes the thirst to the next level.

15. And Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, who saves lives as he breaks hearts.

16. The super-sexy and stylish silver fox Irvin Randle aptly nicknamed "Mr. Steal Your Grandma."

17. This hot Australian runner who was so damn delicious that a newscaster actually ran after him during a live broadcast.

18. And chef Franco Noriega, who, yep, likes cooking naked.

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