17 Signs You're Fully Obsessed With Alex And Ani Jewelry

    Living that ~charmed~ life.

    1. You've considered calling someone your best friend just so you can justify buying these bracelets.

    2. Your wrist game is tight. AND REALLY HEAVY.

    3. Really, really heavy.

    4. For birthdays and other special occasions, you've given out a list of charms you'd like from your family and friends.

    5. You dream of having a posse of friends who're equally obsessed with A&A so you can go tradesies on bracelets with them.

    6. When your BF's like, "where's your school spirit?" you're like, "IT IS RIGHT HERE ON MY WRIST, BOO."

    7. You have a charm for every facet of your personality.

    8. Like, even a charm for your sorority.

    9. And you're equally salivating over their rings.

    10. You OBVIOUSLY need one for each finger.

    Um, at least.

    11. Every time a new collection comes out, you're immediately like DAMN HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO MY BANK ACCOUNT?

    12. But then you're like, wait, I need one of these in every single color.

    13. You're always peeping on other girl's arm candy — checking out their charm situations and jewelry game.

    14. It's kinda like you're in a Secret Sisterhood of the Traveling Charm Wearers.

    15. Every once in a while you think, "you know, maybe I have enough charms, and enough bracelets. MAYBE I SHOULD JUST QUIT WHILE I'M AHEAD."

    16. And then you're like, "JUST KIDDING! No way! LOL! I'm riding this Alex and Ani train for infinity."

    17. And all is right with the world.