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    17 Of The Hottest Beach Bodies You'll Ever See

    Suns out, buns out.

    1. Every year the Huntington Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, CA, hosts a Corgi Beach Day, and it is PERFECT. Just look at all these beautiful beach babes.

    2. This floofy beach booty.

    3. This bodacious butt.

    4. This round rump.

    5. And this buddy with extra junk in the trunk.

    6. These two lovers canoodling in the sand.

    7. These wave watchers.

    8. This wittle babe.

    9. And this fellow tiny pup.

    10. This pawsitively beaaautiful threesome.

    11. And this super cute twosome.

    12. This fearless frolicker.

    13. And this slo-mo Baywatch babe.

    14. This bodacious blonde who's down for a romp in the sand.

    15. This lil' twinklepuss.

    16. So many fantastic beach bodies everywhere.

    17. Corgi beach party FURRRRREVER.

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