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    17 Little One-Minute Hacks That'll Improve Your Life Instantly

    Harder, better, faster, stronger.

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    1. Stay focused: As soon as you wake up, ask yourself, "What's one thing I'm committed to doing today?"

    It'll help you focus and prioritize your goals. You can keep a list of these in a journal or out somewhere in your bedroom or bathroom so that you're forced to do it every single day. Getting in a routine of setting at least ONE goal for the day will help you figure out what's important and also make you feel so accomplished when you've completed your task for the day.

    2. Or if you're feeling ambitious, try the "rule of three" for increased productivity.

    It's pretty simple: All you need to do is decide on three outcomes you want to accomplish each day. They can be as simple as you'd like. Write them down at the beginning of the day, and check in with yourself at the end of the day to see how you did.

    3. Write it down: If you're going to take notes or write a to-do list, it's better to do it with pen and paper than digitally.

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    Studies show that writing things out actually helps boost your memory and better retain information.

    4. Keep your inbox unclogged: Don't you hate it when you have to give your email address to sign up for a site you don't entirely trust? Ten Minute Mail offers you the opportunity to sign up for things with a temporary email address and avoid spam 4EVER.

    It allows you to verify the email address, too. Read more about how it works here.

    5. Decrease distractions: Turn off your email alerts.

    Email alerts: They seemed like a good idea, right? But in actuality, they're mega distracting and keep you from focusing down on the tasks in front of you. Shut them off (even if for a few hours each day) to get the most out of your work life.

    6. Email more efficiently: Give yourself planned periods to answer emails and texts.

    Rather than answering emails as they come in, build out three or four breaks in your day to answer emails, instead. Same goes for text messages and phone calls. Keeping interruptions to a minimum will help you get so much more done.

    7. Mind your minutes: Use the two-minute method.

    OK, so this is technically a TWO-minute trick, not one, but! Created by David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, the two-minute rule simply encourages you to consider whether the tasks in front of you will take shorter or longer than two minutes. If they'll only require two minutes of your time, then go ahead and get them out of the way now. If they'll need more time to complete, put them on a to-do list and plan to handle them at a later time.

    8. Put a plan in place: Use the Pomodoro Technique to get the most out of your time.


    How it works: Simply set your mind on a task you'd like to accomplish and then set a timer for 25 minutes. For the next 25 minutes focus ONLY on this particular task or job. Any incidental tasks you think up while in this period should be written down and saved for later. When the 25 minutes is up, take a short, five minute break, and start again. To find out more about the Pomodoro Method, read this.

    9. Track your time: See what's eating up all your hours by installing Rescue Time.

    Rescue time works by tracking what sites you're visiting and gives you a weekly report of all of your online activity so you can see where your time sucks are.

    10. Search smarter: Search functions often suck on sites, so if you're looking for something you KNOW is on a particular site, use this little trick to make your search work better:

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    Go to Google, and type in site: and then whatever the site you're searching + your search terms. You'll end up with only results from that particular site.

    11. Phone faster: Hide all your recreational apps away.


    Put all of your ~distracting~ apps in a folder on your phone so that they're not obvious and apparent to you. You'll be less likely to pursue a time-wasting game if you have to do an extra step or two to open the game.

    12. Stay on point: Keep your phone charging in a separate room from you while you sleep.


    It'll help you sleep better, and give you space to do something else with your precious pre-bedtime hours. It'll also help prevent you spending too much time checking your phone in the AM while lounging in bed.

    13. Sharpen your focus: Hold a pen up around 12-inches from your face and stare at the tip of the pen for about a minute.

    Try to clear your head of any other thoughts you might be having and focus on nothing but the tip of the pen. This minute of pen-based meditation will help you concentrate on whatever bigger task you have in front of you.

    14. Stop negative thoughts: Try the rubber band method.


    How it works: Put a rubberband around your wrist. Anytime you have a negative thought, snap the band. You'll soon start associating your negative thoughts with the unpleasant snap, and start clearing your mind of negative thoughts.

    15. Keep calm: Help quell your anxiety with this simple breathing technique.


    It's called box breathing. You simply breathe in for four counts; hold your breath for four counts; breathe out for four counts, and then hold for four counts. You repeat this until you feel your body relax.

    16. Or try counting.

    If you're feeling angry or upset, try counting to calm yourself down.

    17. And finally, try power posing: Change the way you stand to improve how you — and others — feel about yourself.


    Want to instantly improve your confidence? Give power posing a try. The first power pose is standing with your hands on your hips, with your chin tilted slightly up and with your chest out. The second power pose is to stand with your arms in a V above your head (like you just won a race or something), with your chest out and chin up. Do it before a big meeting or interview, or simply start your day with a pose or two.

    What are the quick one-minute hacks that have made a big difference in your life? Tell us in the comments!

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