17 Little One-Minute Hacks That'll Improve Your Life Instantly

    Harder, better, faster, stronger.

    1. Stay focused: As soon as you wake up, ask yourself, "What's one thing I'm committed to doing today?"

    2. Or if you're feeling ambitious, try the "rule of three" for increased productivity.

    3. Write it down: If you're going to take notes or write a to-do list, it's better to do it with pen and paper than digitally.

    4. Keep your inbox unclogged: Don't you hate it when you have to give your email address to sign up for a site you don't entirely trust? Ten Minute Mail offers you the opportunity to sign up for things with a temporary email address and avoid spam 4EVER.

    5. Decrease distractions: Turn off your email alerts.

    6. Email more efficiently: Give yourself planned periods to answer emails and texts.

    7. Mind your minutes: Use the two-minute method.

    8. Put a plan in place: Use the Pomodoro Technique to get the most out of your time.

    9. Track your time: See what's eating up all your hours by installing Rescue Time.

    10. Search smarter: Search functions often suck on sites, so if you're looking for something you KNOW is on a particular site, use this little trick to make your search work better:

    11. Phone faster: Hide all your recreational apps away.

    12. Stay on point: Keep your phone charging in a separate room from you while you sleep.

    13. Sharpen your focus: Hold a pen up around 12-inches from your face and stare at the tip of the pen for about a minute.

    14. Stop negative thoughts: Try the rubber band method.

    15. Keep calm: Help quell your anxiety with this simple breathing technique.

    16. Or try counting.

    17. And finally, try power posing: Change the way you stand to improve how you — and others — feel about yourself.

    What are the quick one-minute hacks that have made a big difference in your life? Tell us in the comments!