17 Impossibly Awesome Tees To Celebrate National Pi Day

Pi for everybody! 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058 20974944592307816406286… possibilities for fun.

1. For mathletes:

Disney / Via

Keep Calm and Love Math

Get it here.

2. For chickens:


Chicken pot pi

Get it here.

3. For Yodas:

20th Century Fox / Via

Come to the Nerd Side

Get it here.

4. For marine biologists:

5. For pizza obsessives:

I Bake Pi apron.

Get it here.

7. For lovers:

MTV / Via

8. For farmers and/or cows:

9. For superheroes:

Warner Bros.


10. For lovers of adorable:


11. For number crunchers:

12. For the truly motivational:

13. For snackaholics:

I Ate Some Pi

Get it here.

14. Jack Sparrow’s Pi Day tee of choice:

15. For party animals:

16. For smartasses:

17. The perfect Pi Day shirt for this guy?

20th Century Fox / Via

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