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    17 Hot Dudes Who Prove How Much Of A Difference Facial Hair Actually Makes

    What a difference a mustache makes.

    1. Guys, we need to talk.

    @choptopswestport / Via

    2. The subject? Facial hair.

    @vaidosodecoura / Via

    3. Some love it.

    @coulthart85 / Via

    4. Some hate it.

    @lucamarrollo / Via

    5. Either way, it's undeniable that it makes a HUGE difference on a guy's face.

    @katiekat9000 / Via

    6. Guys can go from sort of cute to smokin' hot with it.

    @samm_tr / Via

    7. From sketchy AF to president of babeliness.

    @eligh / Via

    8. From Wild West 'stache to total cutie.

    @michael_b3 / Via

    9. Some guys take it all off.

    @a5tsider305_757 / Via

    10. Some guys save a ~tiny bit~.

    @kanishk_blog / Via

    11. But even doing a little beard trim can result in big changes.

    @dakotalightning / Via

    12. Case in point: this guy.

    @hbo349495 / Via

    13. And this guy.

    @danieldeanrabbit / Via

    14. The results can be pretty dramatic.

    @dds1109 / Via

    15. The reveal can be startling.

    @kieronjudges / Via

    16. SEXY!

    @wowrrenloosefist / Via

    17. And sometimes, unbelievably delightful!

    @oddsocksandsquats / Via