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    Do You Remember These Long Gone '00s Retail Stores?

    RIP forever.

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    1. Contempo Casuals (2001)

    Paramount Pictures

    The best place (besides maybe Merry Go Round) to shop for Z. Cavarricis and Skidz.

    2. Warner Bros. Store (2001)

    All the Marvin the Martian and Looney Tunes merch a kid could ever want.

    3. Sharper Image (2008)

    The best place for picking up sort of useless electronic gadgets and "back massagers."

    4. Sam Goody (2006)

    Mike Kalasnik CC BY-SA

    Where you bought you copies of Avril Lavine's "Skater Boi" on cassingle and the latest Marilyn Manson CD.

    5. Tower Records (2006)

    NBC Los Angeles

    Yes, they had a superior CD collection, but what Tower really dominated at was magazines. So many weird, obscure, slightly naughty magazines. Where else were you going to buy the latest issues of The Face and Raygun anyway?

    6. K B Toys (2009)

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    Everybody's favorite place to buy Pokemons and Furbys and Tomagotchis, right behind Toys R Us, anyway.

    7. Anchor Blue (2011)

    Hip Hop Kings

    Anchor Blue was the place to go for a wacky Ed Hardy-esque graphic tee and inoffensive lightweight flannels.

    8. Linens 'N Things (2008)

    All Over Albany

    Your mom's favorite place to drag you after soccer practice so she could buy dish towels. They still have a (kinda sad) website.

    9. Arden B (2014)


    Was everything in the store made from spandex? Yes, yes it was.

    10. Delia's (2014)


    Hear that? That's the sound of a billion teen girls crying over flared jeans and fashion cargo pants.

    11. Fashion Bug (2013)

    City Data

    I've got the bug. THE FASHION BUG!

    12. Circuit City (2008)


    Yup, your dad's fave store ever.

    13. Tweeter (2008)

    Boston Globe

    Your dad's other favorite store.

    14. B. Dalton Bookseller (2010)

    LA Times

    That place where you bought all the Harry Potter books.

    15. Borders (2011)


    And the place where your mom bought her copy of 50 Shades of Gray.

    16. Natural Wonders (2004)

    The perfect spot to grab a new microscope, or geode, or book about minerals or meteorites. Or, you know, a miniature triceratops figurine.

    17. Blockbuster Video (2014)

    The New Yorker

    Remember when you rented Titanitc on double VHS tapes? YEAH that was a time.