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15 Times Blake Lively's Hair Made You Weep With Joy

BB, come here and let us caress those tresses.

1. When she wore the most fucking out of this world perfect fishtail braid.

2. When she charmingly laughed about how much better her slicked-back ponytail was than everybody else's.

3. When she smiled lovingly about how great her perfectly messy and deconstructed bun is.

4. "Guyzzzz, don't you love how I combo-ed this side braid with a gorg messy side part? Also, I'm married to Ryan Reynolds, whut?"

5. "Dis my old Hollywood glam."

6. "Did I mention how much I loooooorve Old Hollywood glam?"

7. When she wore these soft waves with a side braid.

8. When she was like, So what if it's windy. I fart at the wind, I don't even care.

9. When she threw it up in the most perfect regular loose braid and paired it with this FACE OF THE ANGELS.

10. When she was a beautiful piece of orange fruit leather.

11. When she rocked this perfectly simple high pony.

12. When she briefly forsook her blonde hair for this red-haired look. PRETTY CRAZY, BLAKEY.

13. When at first she was like, "DO I use a 2-inch barrel curling iron?" And then she was like, "YES! OMG! Of course I do!"

14. When you basically lived for her ~wisps~.

15. When Blake kept it loose and unfettered, like a relationship with Lonely Boy.