15 Tee Shirts For People Who Put Hot Sauce On Their Hot Sauce

    You know your Tapatio from your Frank's Red from your Cholula.

    1. Let's be honest, this is probably true.

    2. And this is likely your life mantra.

    3. Because you can never get enough.

    4. For when you've become one with the bottle.

    5. And this is your optimal eating arrangement.

    6. Um...truth?

    7. The place where you got your degree in spice.

    8. Agree to disagree?

    9. This bear eating a taco with hot sauce is totally you.

    10. Because you are what you eat.

    11. You love Tapatio but also writing sad poetry in your diary.

    12. Share your love of Sriracha.

    13. Or a few of your favorite things.

    14. Remember that hot sauce is sometimes a metaphor.

    15. Just don't lie to yourself.