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15 Gorgeous People With Disabilities Who Are Winning The Style Game

Take notes.

1. Jessica, who's got the v. best jacket ever.

2. Ariel, whose beautiful turquoise hair is only slightly eclipsed by her badass skeleton pants.

3. This ~bangin'~ lady.

I mean, perfect bangs.

I mean, perfect bangs.

4. This perfectly polka-dotted cutie.

Breeskers, be still my heart.

Breeskers, be still my heart.

5. Annie Lainey, who's rockin' cool AF striped tights.

6. Kat Loosmore, whose badass shades and all black ensembles are seriously slaying.

7. This babe with amazing black lipstick.

Amalia, you're killin' it.

Amalia, you're killin' it.

8. Karin, who knows the importance of a good statement scarf.

9. Cia Marie, who stuns in red lipstick.

10. Missy, who paired a bold lip with a super perfect eyeliner.

11. Amazing Karii, who's wearing a shirt that says "My other disability is a bad attitude." YAAAAAAS.

12. Hillary, who manages to look chic even on a bone density scan table.

13. Cherry, who's got killer tomboy style.

14. Derek, who's got this punk AF thing down.

15. Paige, who is a pastel punk kweeeeen.

Slay on, you beautiful gems.

H/T to Karin Hitselberger for help.

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