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    15 Father's Day Gifts For The Guy Who Has Everything

    Love ya dad, but you're difficult.

    1. Your dad isn't a flip-flops guy. He deserves some luxe leather slippers.

    Made in Japan by Hender Scheme, these are soft-as-butter and guaranteed to class up his bath time.

    Get the at the Ace Hotel Shop for $190.

    2. He also deserves the most comfortable robe of his life.

    Parachute's slouchy bathrobe comes in a soft grey and a classic white.

    Get your own from Parachute Home for $99.

    3. This Pendleton throw blanket doubles as a great summer picnic blankets.

    The blue, cream, and red pattern is so chill and minimalist.

    Get your own at the Ace Hotel Shop for $425.

    4. Get your dad an amazing cologne that's been hand-blended by perfumers in Argentina.

    I'm pretty obsessed with Fueguia's "Darwin" fragrance, which is a blend of vetiver, grapefruit, and cedar, combined in the most magical way.

    Get your own bottle at Fueguia, for $330.

    5. For the dad that doesn't do tap water, perhaps a sparkling water maker will make him happy.

    Stop buying bottles or cans of sparkling water — it's wasteful! Plus, this looks way cooler.

    Get your own from Amazon for $149.99.

    6. If your dad fancies himself a regular ol' Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, get him a new knife set.

    This 14-piece set includes a sharpener.

    Get your own set from Hampton Forge for $130.

    7. And if your dad dreams of living his own Master of None-style pasta fantasy, then this pasta maker might just be for him.

    It's designed for beginners and features nine different pasta shapes.

    Get it from Evine for $134.87.

    8. If your dad considers himself a worldly dude, get him an Artisan Box, and bring treasures from around the world right to him.

    GlobeIn's Artisan boxes are curated every month to bring the best in foods, arts, and crafts from around the world. You can pick a theme — depending on your preferences — or let GlobeIn's team curate a box for you. And your subscription helps support makers and growers around across the globe.

    Get your own subscription box from GlobeIn starting at $40 a month.

    9. Make his bathroom smell good and look good with these colorful, fragrant soaps.

    Soaptopia's handmade soaps are so pretty and super fragrant, too.

    Get your own assortment from Soaptopia for just $6.95 each.

    10. Your dad probably has a lot of fancy shaving stuff, so get him a nice dopp kit to keep it in.

    This dopp kit is made from waxed canvas, so spills just wick right off.

    Get it from 11 Industries for $75.

    11. Keep your dad's beard game in check with this luxe bergamot-infused beard tonic.

    It's rich in argan, jojoba, and apricot kernel oils, so it'll moisturize without clogging pores.

    Get your own from Amazon for $24.50.

    12. But! If your dad is steadfastly anti-beard, then give him the shave. kit. of. his. life.

    This razor and brush set from Gentleman's Tonic will instantly up your dad's shaving game.

    Get your own from Skinstore for $212.

    13. Hammocks are truly the most Dad Thing Ever.

    Be honest, you can picture your dad kicking back in one of these babies, can't you?

    Get your own from Amazon for $34.95.

    14. If your dad is a candy addict, get him a box of these fancy chocolates. You can customize them, ooh la la!

    Get Happy also has gourmet candy apples and sells its bulk candy by weight, so you can go really crazy.

    Get your own Get Happy Ultimate Surprise Kit for $39.95.

    15. And finally, drinking dads will love this Himalayan sea salt tequila set.

    You can get it engraved with your dad's initial.

    Get your own from for $59.