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    14 Beauty Horror Stories That Prove Kids Should Be Banned From Makeup Forever

    "I tried to use markers as blush when I was 12. It was horrible."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about some of the worst beauty mistakes they made as kids. Here are their stories.

    1. The bad bang decision.

    "When I was eight, I decided that I wanted bangs. So I grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting. And cutting. And cutting. I got the very front inch or so of my hair up to my scalp before totally flipping out and realizing what I had done. I wore my hair parted to the side for that whole school year to cover what was basically a bald spot and then had to pin the "bangs" into my hair as they grew out."

    —Robin Clark, Facebook

    2. The sad shave.

    "When I was in grade school, pulling your long af hair back into a tight ponytail was a thing, but I had a widow's peak, so I shaved it. The next many many years of my life I had to grow it out and it was not cute to have one weird piece of hair trying to sit up front."


    3. The eyebrow incident.

    "When I was about 15, I was in my parent's bathroom washing my face when I saw my mom’s razor. So I decided that I will pretend to shave my face. When I got to my forehead, I forgot about my eyebrows and shaved them off. I had to draw them on for the next four days 'til they grew back."—kikinv

    4. And this bad brow bummer.

    "One of my best friends in 5th grade tried to “trim” her eyebrows with hair clippers. She ended up shaving those suckers right off. To make it so that she could actually show facial expressions again and not be completely ridiculed, our teacher and I took her into the bathroom and drew on eyebrows with a brown Crayola washable marker.

    The girl is now living in New York City and is a fashion model."—alexispaige1124

    5. The nail polish no-no.

    "Once when I was around three or four I was watching my mom put on lipgloss. When she left I ran over to the vanity and reached up to grab a little bottle that turned out to be red nail polish and proceeded to apply that to my lips. Needless to say, taking it off was very annoying and painful."—katherinez4cd484b77

    6. The total brush off.

    "When I was ten or so, I wrapped my long hair all the way up to my scalp with a round brush and couldn’t unravel it. So I cut it off and clipped my 2-inch hair to my head until it grew out."—amydancinpantsm

    7. The eye shadow incident.

    "I was in middle school and my friend and I were about to go to the mall to hangout with our crushes—I wanted to look extra sparkly and I had the brilliant idea to use nail polish as eye shadow. I painted the nail polish on my eyelids only to feel like acid had been thrown in my eyes. I tried to wash it off with water but it had dried on my skin. In a panic, I thought, 'What takes nail polish off of things?! Oh that’s right— nail polish remover!' I put nail polish remover on a cotton ball and put that on my eyelids only to start screaming even more. My friend’s dad came running into the bathroom and stuck my head under the shower to get the stuff off of my eyelids."—panhog929

    8. The acne accident.

    "When I first started having major breakouts as a teenager, I thought that if I used a whole tube of benzoyl peroxide spot treatment at once, it would make my acne go away faster. For the next week I told people I got a sunburn because I essentially burned off all of the skin on my face with the peroxide. I looked like a tomato."—bethanyb4846e5348

    9. The terrible trim.

    "When I was about seven-years-old, I hid on the side of my bed and cut the whole front of my hair off and bits and pieces of the back. When my mom took me to my hair dresser she literally gasped when she saw my hair and had to play it off as if I did a good job. I also took my cats and clipped their whiskers off with the scissors that day. I apparently decided we were all going to get a trim. Needless to say my parents were appalled, and you’re probably wondering, yes my cats are absolutely okay with no problems to this day, despite their whiskers being cut off many years ago."—lyndsey4president

    10. The marker mistake.

    "I tried to use markers as blush when I was 12. It was horrible."—shruthit

    11. The hair oil horror.

    "When my sister was eleven, she found my grandmother’s Skin So Soft body oil. I guess she thought it would make her hair super soft, too, because she put nearly the whole bottle in her hair and went to school with it. It took days to get it all out of her hair, and none of my family members will ever let her forget it."—aeprien

    12. The freckle fail.

    "When I was in third grade, there was a girl who constantly made fun of my freckles, so one day I tried to literally scrub them off. I even used lemon juice to try to lighten them. I ended my with horrible red, splotchy marks on my arms from the acidic lemon juice and vigorous scrubbing. Interestingly enough my freckles have naturally lightened as I’ve gotten older and I like them now."—carolinet4a2f6ed51

    13. The mascara muddle.

    "When I was in the eighth grade, I would put my mascara on before I went to sleep, and then touch it up in the morning. My friends all told me it looked terrible, but they just didn’t understand beauty."—lindseyiacurci1998

    14. The Clarisonic conundrum.

    "I knew a girl at this one sleepover who was washing her face with a Clarisonic face brush with her hair down. She was scrubbing all over her face and her hair got caught in the brush. The mom of the sleepover had to grab kitchen scissors and chop the Clarisonic out of her hair."—superfan339

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