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    13 Stunning Examples Of The New Normcore Fashion Trend In Action

    Normcore til I die.

    Earlier this week, New York Magazine wrote about a mindblowing new fashion trend called Normcore.

    What's Normcore? It's the startling new trend, writes Fiona Davis, of "embracing sameness deliberately rather than striving for difference."


    "It's a very flat look, conspicuously unpretentious," explains fashion editor Jeremy Lewis. Lewis swears it's not ironic and instead says that Normcore is about "the idea that one doesn't need their clothes to make a statement." O RLY?

    We can think of one guy who embodies that look to a T.

    Look familiar?

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    #Normcore realness.

    He's been holding it down since 1982.



    And he's managed to turn Normcore into a full-fledged lifestyle.

    Hold please, for beer times.

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    Casual #Normcore

    Formal #Normcore

    #Normcore Santa

    Sporty #Normcore.

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    It's a bold look. In many shades of brown.



    Normcore: Live it. Love it.

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    Make it your own.

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