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13 Eyebrow Trends From 2017 That Need To Go In The Trash

That's a nope for me dawg.

1. You guys, people did THE MOST with their eyebrows this year.

Instagram: @beautel_

2. Don't believe me? How about these Nike swoosh and Adidas-themed brows?

Addidas and Nike are head to head in the eye brows game

3. Or these not-actually-braided-but-Photoshopped-brows?

Instagram: @moovzofficial

5. There were lightning bolt brows.

9. Glitter brows? Nah.

Instagram: @morgan_herzer_

Think of the mess.

10. For a minute, squiggle brows were all over the timeline.

Instagram: @madein______

12. Barbed wire brows made a brief appearance in April.

Instagram: @rubyroombeauty

13. So yeah, there were a lot of Crimes Against Browmanity in 2017. May we do better in 2018.

Instagram: @jambaylon

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