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13 Eyebrow Trends From 2017 That Need To Go In The Trash

That's a nope for me dawg.

1. You guys, people did THE MOST with their eyebrows this year.

2. Don't believe me? How about these Nike swoosh and Adidas-themed brows?

Addidas and Nike are head to head in the eye brows game

3. Or these not-actually-braided-but-Photoshopped-brows?

4. I mean...

5. There were lightning bolt brows.

6. And feather brows.

7. In September, Gucci snake eyebrows took over Instagram.

8. Honestly, McDonald's brows were tew much.

9. Glitter brows? Nah.

10. For a minute, squiggle brows were all over the timeline.

11. And spiky brows, too.

12. Barbed wire brows made a brief appearance in April.

13. So yeah, there were a lot of Crimes Against Browmanity in 2017. May we do better in 2018.

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