Here’s What 11 People Actually Did To Change Their Bodies

    Ch-ch-changes. H/T Quora

    These are personal stories from the people involved and are not meant to be health and fitness recommendations. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine.

    1. Rafiul lost 77 pounds this past year.

    2. Brandon lost more than a hundred pounds — and gained a six pack.

    3. Allen changed his body by doing the things he enjoyed — like ping pong.

    4. Rich radically transformed his body over a 20-year period.

    5. Paulo transformed from a cross-country runner to a powerlifter.

    6. Kyrril lost near 50 pounds and gained a ton of muscle.

    For Kyrril, it wasn't just about losing weight, but about losing fat. At his heaviest, Kyrril says his body was around 40 percent fat. When he started working out, his fat percentage dropped to around 22 percent. How did he make the change? Weight training and (mostly) cutting out red meats.

    7. Staffone was able to really bulk up and get muscular.

    8. Nitesh bulked up big time and gained 50 pounds of muscle.

    9. Rohit says he was inspired to changed his body after watching wrestling.

    10. Pavan lost 53 pounds in 11 months through regular ol' diet and exercise.

    11. Naman gained 40 pounds of muscle mass over the course of three years.