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11 Halloween Costumes That Are Definitely Not What They Say They Are

Be the "supportive burger wife" you wish to see in the world.

1. This "Supportive Burger Wife" absolutely shouldn't be confused with Bob's Burgers' Linda Belcher.

2. How dare you confuse this "Strange Girl Women's Costume" with Eleven from Stranger Things?

3. This "Landscape Artist Brown Afro" wig is in no way supposed to be Bob Ross.

4. This "Space Princess" costume is definitely not Princess Leia from Star Wars.

5. This "Orange Scrub Set Prisoner Costume" isn't for Orange Is The New Black characters or anything.

6. This "Sweet Child Rocker" outfit is in NO WAY Axl Rose.

7. And this is DEFINITELY NOT Slash.

8. This "Men's Aristocratic Costume" certainly isn't supposed to be Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton.

9. Frankly, you're mistaken if you think this "Classic Beauty Costume" is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

10. Please don't confuse this wig with the Long Island Medium — this is merely a "Sassy Psychic" wig.

11. And finally, this is for sure absolutely, no way, not a chance, Hulk Hogan. It's "Tough Guy Biker or Wrestling Champ Costume."