11 Gorgeous Lingerie Brands For Big Boobs

Because girls with big boobs deserve pretty bras, too.

1. Bravissimo


Why You’ll Love Them: Many styles have padding on the shoulder straps for added comfort, lined cups, and tons of little details to make these bras feel super special.
Sizing: Bravissimo’s sizing goes up to a size 40L.
Price Range: $38–$99

2. Cleo


Why You’ll Love Them: Cleo offers four collections: Panache, Cleo by Panache, Masquerade by Panache, and Sculptresse. Each line is slightly different in tone, but all are generally young, cute, and trendy.
Sizing: Bras start at a 28″ back and some styles go up to a J cup.
Price Range: $49–$68

3. Elomi


Why You’ll Love Them: Bold colors and cute designs and they’re comfy too. What’s not to love?
Sizing: Elomi makes cute styles up to a size JJ.
Price Range: $48–$78

4. Curvy Kate


Why You’ll Love Them: Curvy Kate tests its bras on real women, so it knows what actually works on real women’s bodies. Why don’t more people do this?
Sizing: Curvy Kate carries bras in sizes from 28D to 44K.
Price Range: $30–$85

5. Fantasie


Why You’ll Love Them: Just look at them! So pretty!
Sizing: Fantasie’s bras start at a 30D and go up to a 40K.
Price Range: $50–$78

6. Fauve


Why You’ll Love Them: Fauve’s looks are lacy, sexy, and super flirty without being totally OTT.
Sizing Most of Fauve’s bras start at a 30D and go up to a 38GG.
Price Range: $45–$110

7. Freya


Why You’ll Love Them: Whimsical patterns and designs help these bras stick out in a crowd.
Sizing: Most of Freya’s bras start at a 28D and go up to a 38K.
Price Range: $44–$66

8. Miss Mandalay


Why You’ll Love Them: Adjustable bra straps, stretch cups, and super-supportive sides make these bras — like Channing Tatum — as strong as they are pretty.
Sizing: Miss Mandalay’s bras go from a size 30D to a 38GG.
Price Range: $53–$64

9. Harlow & Fox


Why You’ll Love Them: Harlow & Fox bras have a sweet vintage edge, and are made from French silk jacquards, Italian foiled laces, and custom-dyed silks. Not too shabby.
Sizing: Harlow & Fox accommodates sizes 30DD–38G.
Price Range: $209–$251

10. Parfait


Why You’ll Love Them: Parfait employs stretch satin and lace, soft mesh, textured microfiber, and cotton, and fun little details like lace and tassel trims. Tassssssels. Yesssss.
Sizing: Parfait runs from a size 30D to a 40K.
Price Range: $31–$50

11. Le Mystère


Why You’ll Love Them: Le Mystère bras offer super-soft fabrics, easy closures, and plush straps. Plus, they’ve got memory-foam cups, insuring that you’ll be ultra comfortable. Can you say best of both worlds?
Sizing: Le Mystère runs from a 30A to a 44H.
Price Range: $43–$86

12. Chantelle


Why You’ll Love Them: In addition to being lacy and sexy and very, very, French, Chantelle bras offer side-panel support and extra stretch. Perfection!
Sizing: Chantelle carries bras from 32B to 44H.
Price Range: $70–$88

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