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    10 Adorable Kids Who Have Way Better Style Than You

    Take notes, these cuties are killing it.

    So basically kids are just straight up killing it at the ~fashunnnns~ game these days.

    And you can find them all on ye olde Instagram.

    Is this the world's tiniest bite-sized pop princess? Maybe.

    That's Kinkade and Tennyson, two of the three brothers who make up the Instagram account The Artist Boys.

    “Opinionated is the definition of my boys," their mom Teisha Vest told BuzzFeed Life.

    The same goes for tiny babe Tage, who never met crazy accessory she didn't like.

    "When I was little, I was obsessed with Punky Brewster – and that has definitely rubbed off on Tage," said Tage's mom Amy Sharp.

    This high fashion modddddle is Emerson.

    She offers major slayage.

    As does Zoe.

    Zoe's ~lewk~ is pure gold. “She’s the perfect mix of quirky with a punk rock edge," explains her mom Jo Yu.

    Can you even handle this much adorable kid/dog/camo cuteness?

    These tiny Instagram dynamos possess superior amounts of swag.

    And infinite amounts of cute.

    And you should probs follow all of them right now for optimal inspiration.