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10 Stunning Portraits That Will Totally Change The Way You Look At Breast Cancer Survivors

The Grace Project captures moving post-mastectomy portraits of breast cancer survivors re-envisioned as classical heroines. NSFW: The photos in this series include nudity.

Photographer Isis Charise began The Grace Project as a way to celebrate breast cancer survivors who'd undergone mastectomies.

Charise began the project after meeting a woman who was a 12-year breast cancer survivor.

Each photograph re-imagines a breast cancer survivor as a mythological figure or classic motif.

Pallas Athena

For the women who participate, the project can be a critical part of healing.

Mater Et Filia



Charise hopes that by creating these pictures, she's helping to start a dialogue about what breast cancer survivors' bodies really look like.

And ultimately, she says, "I hope that these images help to shift the narrow perception of beauty that exists within our culture."