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    10 Purses That Are Great For Poop-Mergencies

    You just never know.

    1. For when you're having just one of those πŸ’© days.

    2. Because sometimes life is πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’©.

    3. Your job is πŸ’©.

    4. Your relationship is πŸ’©.

    5. And your πŸ’© is πŸ’©.

    6. In these times, it's good to have a πŸ’©-holding bag on your arm.

    7. A πŸ’© receptacle.

    8. A πŸ’© support.

    9. A solid (or slightly watery) πŸ’© support system.

    10. Because isn't that what we all need when the πŸ’© falls apart?