Here’s Who To Blame For The Government Shutdown

Who deserves the blame: the party that actually passed multiple bills to stop the shutdown? Or the NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. party?

1. Some people are STILL blaming Republicans for the government shutdown.

3. Republicans only control the House. Democrats control the Senate and White House.

That’s 1/3 of the decision making bodies.

4. Here’s What Actually Happened…

5. The House passed 3 bills called continuing resolutions (CR) to fund the government.

A government shutdown wouldn’t have happened if one of these three CRs were signed into law.

6. But the Senate was like…


7. First attempt: the House passed a CR that contained a provision to defund ObamaCare.

The super unpopular law that has raised the price of health insurance, made people lose their insurance coverage, and caused employers to reduce people’s work hours. AND IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN FULLY IMPLEMENTED YET.

8. But the Senate Democrats weren’t having it.

Ugh basic economic principles are soo annoying.

9. House: Okay, then, let’s compromise. How about a CR that contains a provision to delay ObamaCare for one year?

Second CR that passed the House.

11. House: Okay, then, we will bend even more. How about a CR that contains a provision to just delay the individual mandate (the requirement that everyone must purchase health insurance) for one year?

Third CR that passed the House.

12. Totally reasonable. Obama *did* delay the employer mandate (the requirement that businesses must purchase health insurance) for one year. Why not individuals too?

All true.

13. Senate: NO.

You better buy health insurance OR ELSE.

14. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: “We are not going to negotiate on this.”

*Actual quote

15. Um, which party is the party of no?

16. People who blame Republicans for the government shutdown are denying reality.


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