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Photographic Zodiac Signs

Costa Rican artists joined forces to create live-versions of the twelve zodiac signs. The project was made for a local magazine to be featured in their January issue.

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The photos were taken during October and were schedule in 4 big shoots for 3 signs each. The zodiac signs were divided by their elements: fire (Leo, Aries & Sagittarius), water (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio), earth (Virgo, Taurus & Capricorn) and air (Libra, Gemini & Aquarius).

Each photoshoot and element had its own Fashion Editor and Makeup artist, to ensure that each of them would have a more personalized image.

A team of more than 20 people were involved and a total of 13 models participated, 9 women and 4 men.

The project was published in Perfil, a Costa Rican magazine that has been in the market for more than 25 years.

Last month the magazine reached 700 issues.

CREDITS: Col3ctivo/ Producer: Gustavo Sánchez, Photography: Juliana Barquero, Illustration: Augusto Ramírez. /EARTH signs - Fashion Editor: M. Paola Malavasi, MUA+Hair: Andrea Seas. Brands: Obra Gris, St. Desiderata, De Polvo y Viento, Zara. Models: Virgo- Mattia Masanes (HSM) Taurus- Dalo Araya (IMM) Capricorn- Ana Lendl (IMM) /FIRE signs - MUA+Hair: Velvet Salas. Brands: Maracuyá, Zara, Bershka, Bull&Bear, Claire's. Horns: Angela Bermudez. Models: Leo- Zoe June Zeegelar (VRM) Sagittarius- Jean Cordero (Volt) Aries- Natalia Arce (IMM) /WATER signs - Fashion editor: Katherine Durán Wong, MUA+Hair: Miguel Cascante. Brands: Étnico, Diego Álvarez, Incoco, Mango, Zara. Models: Pisces- Stephanie Smith (IMM) Cancer- Eduardo Esquivel (Volt) Scorpio- María José Bonilla /AIR signs: Fashion editor: Augusto Ramírez, MUA+Hair: Eva González - Black Moth Project. Brands: Muss Muss, Obra Gris, Elha. Models: Libra- Andrea Soto (IMM) Aquarius- Alicia Bettoni (IMM) Gemini- Fiorella & Michelle Mora /Makeup by Kryolan

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