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    Cost Of Living Is At An All Time High, But Most Aussies Still Won't Cut This Common $19,000 Cost

    I, for one, am beyond guilty for not ending this toxic love affair.

    From our shopping baskets to our lifestyle and, of course, our disastrous housing market — there's no denying that Australians are really suffering under the weight of a cost of living crisis.

    And while you might have complained about the price of filling up your petrol tank in 2023, have you taken the time to crunch the numbers on the cost of owning your car?

    As a nation, you might say we're a little car-obsessed, with Australia clocking up the second highest rate of car ownership in the world — with over 15 million cars on our roads and more than half of all Aussies owning more than just one car!

    But according to Censuswide research undertaken by Uber this year, 95% of Aussie cars sit idle most of the time — and what’s more, this ownership still costs the average Australian household $364 a week (which is almost $19,000 a year).

    So, if you've been crunching the numbers and are keen to 'test run' life without a fulltime car, listen to this: Uber is launching a first of its kind social trial, calling on 50 Aussies to give up their car for four weeks, in exchange for $1300 in transport credits!

    The "One Less Car" trial is open to Aussies from major metro areas across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra — and the credits are redeemable across alternate modes of transport, including public transit, micromobility, carshare and rideshare services.

    So, tell us, would you ditch your car for a month in favour of a more sustainable and cost-savvy transport solution?