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23 Tweets Which Perfectly Sum Up The Experience Of Cooking As An Adult

Mum, forgive me for being an ungrateful slug at dinnertime. I know better now.


when your mom doesn’t cook you dinner


How to cook the perfect amount of pasta: 1. Pour out how much you think you need 2. Wrong


Wife: How was your day, honey? Me: Definitely didnt use your hair straightener to try & cook a grilled cheese Wife: What? Me: I mean good


Really doing well with this whole adult cooking thing.


being an adult is inviting a friend over to cook dinner with but then they cook with your salad onion instead of your cooking onion and you want to shout “no not my salad onion!! use the cooking onion!!” but instead you just smile and say “we are having a great time”


I fucking love toast, what absolute genius took a bite of bread and was like "cook it again", unreal


Ya cooking is healthy & cheap. But u have to go to the "store" to get "ingredients" to make at ur "apartment" w/ a "stove" Where does it end


Adult culture is standing in the bathroom half asleep and then remembering you had to watch the rice cooking and gasping, “THE RICE”


Directions: Allow food to sit for five minutes before consuming. Me: No.


I can make pasta enough for zero or 25 people. There is no in between. Anyway, though, you guys hungry?


Hello 911 [smoke alarm] so you can't microwave aluminium foil?


Cooking like an adult: putting your frozen chicken nuggets in the oven instead of the microwave


I'm not qualified to be an adult. I ate cookies too close to dinnertime and spoiled my appetite.


@sabaatahir My mom cooked dinner for us every night and would always complain she had no idea what to cook because all of us kids liked /hated different things and now as an adult I realize cooking dinner every night really is the most consistent and relentless struggle. 😂


yes I’m cooking Brussel sprouts, yes I am an adult


“Awww yussss it’s dinnertime,” I say to myself as I smell the neighbor’s gorgeous food, “For them because they’re functional adults good for them cuuuute.”


I’m tired of adulting. Will someone come and cook for me pls and thank you


Sometimes I come home and cook a nice dinner.... and sometimes I come home and have two bowls of fruit loops. Tonight was the latter. #adulting


Adulting means saying no to dinner invites cause it’s the last possible day you can cook the food in your fridge before it goes off


Being an adult is ripping your raw spaghetti in half before cooking with absolutely zero remorse


You ever just eat a bunch of vending machine snacks and call it dinner? #adulting


Tonight I ate garlic bread for dinner. Not as a side to another dish, just garlic bread. I feel like I've hit peak adulting levels


I eat whatever I want, tell myself it's healthy, and let the placebo effect do the rest.