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    For Anyone Wondering What Autumn (AKA Fall) Is Like In Australia, These 28 Tweets Sum It Up

    Our leaves don't so much fall, as they do dehydrate, crumple up and die.


    American autumn: scarves, warm drinks, fireplace, cosy, orange trees. Australian autumn: hot, humid, giant demonic beast spiders.

    Twitter: @sodawatergirl


    love these hot Australian autumn days with rain well i say 'rain', but it's much more like "the air is sweating"

    Twitter: @hipikat


    American autumn is pretty but Australian autumn is like clouds clouds clouds rain rain everything's dying fucking WIND oh it's winter now

    Twitter: @StormieSquall


    Autumn in australia is like summer elsewhere

    Twitter: @TheRealZlatan


    You know autumn has arrived in #Sydney when the skies light up like this! (via IG/danzphotography) #seeaustralia

    Twitter | IG/danzphotography / Via Twitter: @Australia


    why is fall so big in america no one cares about autumn in australia why do they have pumpkin spice flavoured everything pumpkin spiced water pumpkin spiced condoms

    Twitter: @viascool


    Aussie autumn is where you wear short shorts on the bottom half and a jumper on the top.

    Twitter: @Saltwater_Sunae


    no self-respecting australian would ever refer to autumn as fall. it'd be as criminal as chucking on a pair of thongs and calling them flip flops.

    Twitter: @jcwilling_


    perfect for walking home in aussie autumn

    Twitter: @The_Lions_Dougi


    It is supposedly autumn, yet the temperature has yet to drop low enough to need a jacket when I leave the house. If this were ireland, I'd be in my winter coat by now. Go drunk Australia, you're home.

    Twitter: @dijadothething


    Australia just hit Autumn on the first. Timely. Prompt. North America over here waiting until the 19th and shit, making us say “Winter” for damn near 3 more weeks. Trash.

    Twitter: @CeeFor


    Stepping outside in the Australian autumn like

    Twitter: @despicablebree


    Autumn afternoons along Southbank 🍂 📸 via IG/walking_perspective

    Twitter | IG/walking_perspective / Via Twitter: @Melbourne


    it's officially autumn in australia and what does australia decide to do?

    Twitter: @renegadeapostle


    Autumn my a**, it's still so HOT It be like this in Australia tho But still I miss the cold weather

    Twitter: @DekuDeck


    Autumn in Australia is like freezing to death at night but then sweating/dying from heat during the day

    Twitter: @DiddlyDonger


    @Starbucks when is Australia getting pumpkin spice latte don't you know it's Autumn here? We have white girls too you know

    Twitter: @NadiaElizabethV


    Twitter: @emilysalinas


    yesterday I was sweating and today I’m super cold, why is australian autumn so messed up

    Twitter: @kiaranah


    The joys of an Australian Autumn: cloudless blue skies, beautifully autumnal trees and a warm sun (20 degrees Celsius).

    Twitter: @FJSoyer


    Might be time to snooze soon, Australian Autumn night's are soooooo fucking nice, they're the perfect mix of warmth and coolness!

    Twitter: @BestMilfMomma


    The Australian autumn this year feels like “Summer: The Sequel”. I don’t think the audience is digging it...

    Twitter: @AConstantWords


    Autumn in Australia vs Spring in England, Mother Nature rules our world!

    Twitter: @anniemcg62


    Autumn sunsets just hit differently you know ☀️

    Twitter: @emchant22


    You know that feeling when you’re in Australia , it’s late Autumn but the suns still warm and you realise you have all the fixings to hand to smash an Avocado ( garlic, chilli, onion, black pepper, salt, olive oil and lime juice) ... so you do and your life is better for it

    Twitter: @russellcrowe


    It's Autumn in Australia, so technically, second Halloween is coming soon!

    Twitter: @ChatMenagerie


    The first sunset of Autumn in Australia 💫

    Twitter: @ally_sheehan


    first day of autumn and it's 32C. fuck you too Australia

    Twitter: @cluvielldor

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