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    All Your '90s Dreams Are About To Be Realised, Because The Vengabus Is FINALLY Coming — And You Can Ride It During Pride

    🎶 We like, we like to party. 🎶

    Forget about Christmas, New Year's Eve and the first proper summer in years, because the celebration of our collective lifetimes is about to hit — all in the form of World Pride, which officially kicks off in Sydney this Friday, Feb 17!

    Uber is here to jump-start all the unforgettable festivities, with the Uber Pride Ride — a hop-on, hop-off bendy bus hosted by '90s pop icons and Dutch royalty, The Vengaboys, as well as a line-up of Australia's most delectable drag queens.

    Plus, The Vengaboys will be hosting an ultra-exclusive, VIP ride this Thursday, Feb 16 — and my 13-year-old self is hyperventilating in anticipation.

    After that, the Uber Pride Ride will be available to the public — travelling all around the heart of the Pride festival — for every weekend between Feb 17 and March 5.

    But if you miss out on the Vengabus altogether, never fear — for those getting amongst the Pride action, Uber is also shouting free Pool rides to the festival on the weekend of the February 24–26.

    So mark those calendars, start guzzling your Gatorades and get ready for the party of the millennium to begin!