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11 Tips For Anyone Who Is Sick And Tired Of Killing All Their Plants

Because if I spend another $100 on a plant that dies, I will torch my local nursery.

1. First up, save yourself the heartache and choose plant varieties that are actually suited to indoor living.

2. Choose a setting that suits the needs of each individual plant.

3. Know when to water your plants (and when to leave them the fuck alone).

4. And always, always make sure you have a drainage hole.

5. Clean the foliage regularly.

6. And when you're done, give 'em a good misting with water.

7. Rotate your pots regularly to prevent lopsidedness.

8. Treat them to a nice trim when they're looking a lil' worse for wear.

9. Recognise the signs that it's time to re-pot.

10. Propagate cuttings to create more green babies.

11. And when all else fails, turn to realistic faux plants that you can't possibly kill.