Australia's Graphic COVID-19 Ad Is A Prime Example Of How The Government Is Failing Young Aussies

    And we're fucking furious.

    After fuelling wide-spread vaccine hesitancy throughout 2021, the Australian government has now turned their hand to fear-mongering — with a brand-spanking-new ad campaign which shows young Australians what their futures could hold, if they catch COVID-19.

    Hmm yerrrrsss, let’s make an ad of someone currently ineligible for a vaccine (because we fucked it up) dying horribly from covid in an area we locked down (because we fucked up) unnecessarily terrorising people further, fitting perfectly with the theme (us fucking things up).

    The video, which I've included in its entirety below, is so horrific, that it comes with its very own disclaimer at the beginning, reading: "WARNING: The following video is a representation of severe COVID-19 illness. Some viewers may find the video distressing, viewer discretion is advised."

    So you just know you're in for a good time.

    The ad, which will be targeting Sydneysiders in the wake of the latest outbreak, depicts a young woman — clearly in her 20s or 30s — in a hospital bed, gasping for air, despite her breathing tube.

    this is the "graphic" COVID TV ad created by the federal government, to run in Sydney from tonight - warning people to stay home, get tested and vaccinated warning: It is quite confronting #auspol

    It's also worth noting that she appears completely alone — with absolutely no assistance given from medical staff, despite her clearly distressed state.

    She gasps on helplessly for roughly 20 seconds, before it fades to black and we're issued with the plea of "Stay home. Get tested. Book your vaccination."

    Now this, on top of the NSW Chief Health Officer's recent comments about the latest outbreak being a "wake up call" for young people, has Australia's youth absolutely fuming.

    Of 37 NSW COVID patients currently in hospital, 14 are under 55yo and eight are under 35. One patient in ICU is in their 30s. “A bit of a wake-up call,” says CHO Kerry Chant. #auspol ⁦@10NewsFirst⁩

    Given that under-40s are the only cohort currently ineligible for the vaccine — despite ScoMo's latest comments to "have a chat with your GP" and make a "risk-based decision" regarding AstraZenenca — the decision to cast a young actor feels unseemly and immoral.

    Both young and old Australians have condemned the campaign — labelling it a form of "gaslighting" and "needlessly cruel":

    Frankly, I’m glad that this ad carries the Australian Govt logo so you know precisely who to blame for this woman’s circumstances. She’s clearly under 40 and has had no access to *any* vaccine til last week. If they’d done their job properly, she wouldn’t be in that bed.

    That covid ad in Australia, which I won’t share, is disgusting gaslighting. Oh, here’s a young woman dying - you should stay home or get vaccinated to prevent this. Except we won’t enforce lockdown until too late, provide adequate vaccine rollout, and spread vaccine hesitancy.

    @MarcFennell Yes. The warning should be “the following commercial illustrates the complete and utter failure of the Australian Government to protect Australians from a highly infectious, deadly disease by organising a national quarantine centre and an efficient national vaccination program.”

    @JoshButler Without enough vaccine supply, this ad only shows me what I can expect my children could go through I will never forgive Morrison and his government if my kids can't get vaxcinated even they follow the rules this could be their fate or my family

    @JoshButler As a Critical care RN for over 30 years, please understand NO patient would be left alone, unattended & in distress as this ad suggests is happening in a hospital setting. It's a pity the 'character' was unable to gain access to vaccination...thats the message this ad sends me

    For the families of people who have died of COVID in Australia - most without the possibility of being by their loved one's bedside, or saying goodbye at all - that graphic ad is unspeakably, needlessly cruel. #auspol

    To see when you'll be eligible for vaccination, check out the Department of Health, or talk to your GP about what's right for you. As always, stay safe.