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    The Definitive Guide To Sydney's Best Fried Chicken Joints

    *Immediately lodges my Uber Eats order*.

    There are few foods more revered than a humble handful of fried chicken pieces. Feeling sad? Fried chicken will sort you out. Got something to celebrate? Crack open the champers over a battered chook.

    So, in an effort to uncover Sydney's best fried chicken joints, we undertook a tasting trail across this great city — devouring some of the juiciest, crispiest, crunchiest morsels of fried chicken around.


    Are these Sydney’s three best fried chicken joints?

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    And here are our choices for the definitive top three:

    3. BUTTER, Surry Hills

    2. El Jannah, Newtown (but honestly, all El Jannah is good El Jannah)

    1. Sparrow's Mill, Haymarket

    But you tell me, Sydneysiders — do you think we got this ranking right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!