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    Solve Your Common Winter Beauty Woes With These Three DIY Treatments

    Say hello to bright and beautiful winter skin.

    If your skin is anything like mine, it's probably spent the first month of winter changing its mind daily — never quite knowing how to behave.

    So, in an effort to get my face under control at long last, I decided to turn to three wonder-masks that harness the power of good ol' Manuka honey.

    For dry skin: Yoghurt & Manuka Honey

    For dull skin: Turmeric, Sugar & Manuka Honey

    For oily skin: Matcha & Manuka Honey

    Manuka Health is New Zealand born and based — and for the third consecutive year, they are Australian Readers Digest's most trusted honey brand. From hive to production to packaging, every product is produced on-site, to ensure you are getting premium natural bee products and quality you can trust. Discover the entire range here.

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