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In Case You Missed It: Australia Just Launched A Local #ShareTheMicNow Campaign And Here's What Happened

The time is long overdue to let Blak people lead the dialogue on Blak issues.

Following the success of the #ShareTheMicNow campaign that originated in the US, a range of high-profile Australians handed over their social platforms yesterday — to amplify important voices from Australia's First Nations peoples.

Spearheaded by Aboriginal author, Tara June Winch, and Go-To Skincare founder, Zoë Foster Blake, the Aussie edition of the campaign saw 20 people paired together to champion voices from Blak communities.

In a landscape where Blak narratives are often spoken-over by white voices, the #ShareTheMicNow initiative aimed to create space that allowed Blak voices to tell their own stories.

1. Mo’Ju took over from Phoebe Tonkin

2. Tara June Winch took over from Zoë Foster Blake

3. Nayuka Gorrie took over from Chrissie Swan

4. Marlee Silva took over from Madeleine Wes​t

5. Rachael Sarra took over the Shameless Podcast

6. Shareena Clanton took over from Turia Pitt

7. Emily Wurramara took over from Clare Bowditch

8. Allira Potter took over from Olivia Molly Rogers

9. Sianna Catullo took over from Jamila Rizvi

10. And finally, Amy McQuire took over from Tara Moss

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