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Aussie Women Are Spending Serious Money On Sex Toys During The Coronavirus Outbreak And Same TBH

Finally, a good news story.

Forget about toilet paper and dried pantry goods — the women of Australia know what the real essential of self-isolation is...

Vush, a sex toy company "for empowered women", has reported a 350% increase in sales due to the coronavirus.

The sudden spike in orders follows the Australian government's advice to self-isolate and avoid all unnecessary social gatherings.

Things to do while avoiding the corona virus: masturbate

And with dating apps reporting a hold on activity, it seems good ol' Aussie gals are now turning to self-pleasure products as a means to combat the boredom of isolation.

If you're looking to keep your ~hands busy~ during lockdown, check out Vush's range of premium pleasure products.

For a limited time, they're also offering 60% off selected full-priced products — so run, don't walk, my friends!

On that note, please stay indoors, stay safe and stay satisfied.