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    For Everyone Who Recognises "Ready Steady Cook" As The Best Show Ever Created

    Petition for Netflix to upload all eight seasons. Please.

    Cast your mind back to the mid '00s: Women were wearing dresses over jeans, Supré was leading the plastic-free shopping bag movement and at 1 P.M. every weekday, the world's greatest cooking show would grace our television screens...

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    That's right, my friends, I'm speaking of the highly-competitive, eternally-comforting glory called Ready Steady Cook.

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    This show wasn't just a cooking challenge, it was a goddamn religion. Whether you were team capsicum or tomato, when you watched this, you knew you were a part of something bigger than yourself.

    For those of you not in-the-know (sad for you), this was the premise: Two chefs would be handed a different bag of groceries from two ~surprise~ audience members and tasked with whipping up the best entrée, meal and dessert — in just 20 minutes.

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    Each audience member's grocery bag would contain just five ingredients and they would join their respective chef's team to help them battle it out for the top spot. One team represented the red tomato, while the other was team green capsicum.

    The kitchen was a literal pressure cooker as those seconds clicked by and let me tell you, as a young pre-teen glued to the television, this show first taught me the meaning of anxiety.

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    Also, this show MADE some of our now-famous Aussie chefs — it was like the Home & Away of the restaurant industry.

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    Manu Feildel, George Calombaris and Miguel Maestre all competed at one stage, plus there were celeb appearances from the likes of Kyle Sandilands, Marcia Hines, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Anthony Callea.

    Once the clock ran out, each team would present their dishes to the audience and they'd then cast their votes for which chef put on the best spread.

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    It all came down to this very moment and if your team didn't take out the top spot, you'd be bloody livid.

    But this show didn't just entertain, it inspired — and if you were at home, having chucked a sickie, with nothing but a bag of Maggi noodles in the cupboard, you were suddenly considering all the ways you could bring that ramen to LIFE.


    So cheers to you, Ready Steady Cook, for being the ultimate comfort food for the ~mind~ — we'll never forget you.


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